XPENG's Smart Robotic Unicorn 

The smart robotic unicorn relies on Pengxing's innovative four-legged robot architecture, with advanced environmental perception and decision-making capabilities, strong movement capabilities, and unimaginable emotional interactions.

Naturally elegant

The smart robotic unicorn adopts an innovative body and joint design, has a unique pony shape, and has a natural and elegant walking gait.

Follows you wherever you go

The smart robotic unicorn is equipped with an autonomous driving system similar to that of our smart cars. Thanks to various sensors such as cameras and lidars, our unicorn plans paths, moves autonomously from A to B, avoids obstacles, and follows you wherever you go. 

Hop on! 

With a safe riding system and detailed riding accessories, the smart robotic unicorn can meet the riding needs of any child. In addition, it is equipped with special loading accessories to transport your toys wherever you go.

Real emotions, real interactions

Smart robotic unicorn has powerful voice interaction, face and voiceprint recognition capabilities, expressing emotions through the face screen.

Takes care of itself 

The smart robotic unicorn can arrange its charging plan, so when the power is insufficient, it will autonomously return to the charging stand to recharge.

About XPENG Robotics

The original XPENG Robotics team was established in 2016, dedicated to creating intelligent-legged robots for family usage. In 2020, XPENG Motors invested and held the establishment of XPENG Robotics, which is now headquartered in Shenzhen with satellite R&D centers in Beijing, Guangzhou, and Silicon Valley.

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