1.What's the warranty period of G3 battery?

  • If a manufacturing defect occurs during the warranty period, the battery will be replaced or repaired by your Xpeng dealer as part of the warranty. You can find more information on this in the warranty conditions, which are detailed in the warranty manual for your vehicle.

2.Where should I have maintenance and repairs carried out on my Xpeng?

  • In principle, you are free to choose your workshop. Our Xpeng partners receive regular training on our vehicles by us and receive further technical support on request. We therefore always recommend visiting a Xpeng partner. Please note that warranty work can only be carried out by a Xpeng partner. Please note our warranty conditions in the warranty manual. If you decide to have work on your Xpeng vehicle carried out in workshop outside our network, we recommend that you keep detailed documentation of the work carried out.

3.Do I have to have repairs carried out by a Xpeng dealer as part of the guarantee?

  • According to our warranty conditions, a complaint must be reported and presented to a Xpeng authorized workshop and a workshop order placed. In the case of repairs in workshops that do not belong to our network, no cost can be assumed under the guarantee. Repairs at a Xpeng partner also ensure that the parts used and the work carried out meet our standards.

4.How can I claim the warranty for my Xpeng?

  • We are happy to provide a guarantee for your Xpeng provided that the vehicle complies with European guidelines. Please contact for more information in a warranty case a recognized Xpeng dealer. Please present the warranty manual.

5.How can I protect my Xpeng from rust?

  • "We grant a 3-year paint guarantee on our vehicles as well as a 12-year guarantee against rust perforation. Our warranty conditions require that the body is checked once a year by a Xpeng partner. This should be documented in the customer service booklet. We generally recommend cleaning the vehicle regularly to avoid rust and paint damage. Please do not use agents that could chemically or mechanically stress the paint.
  • In particular, ensure that you remove bird droppings or (tree) resins quickly, - wash the under body at the end of a snow and ice season, - only use additives specially designed for this purpose to clean the windows.
  • Please note this information in your own interest, as the guarantee does not cover damage caused by insufficient or incorrect vehicle care. "

6.Where can I see the specifications of the vehicle?

7.What is the range of my G3?

  • 451km based on WLTP.