XPENG X2 - The Future of Mobility

XPENG X2, powered by four independent batteries and eight independent propellers, is the 5th generation flying vehicle equipped with intelligent flying systems capable of conducting fully autonomous, zero-emission flights. Its user-friendly interface and high-tech safety features significantly reduce burdens for users, delivering a safe and comfortable flying experience.  

Elegant and minimalistic teardrop-shaped design

XPENG X2 adopts an elegant closed cockpit with a minimalist teardrop profile. With carbon fiber light-weighted body and 4 foldable propeller arms, X2 also takes into account high-efficiency aerodynamics to optimize flight performance.

Superior autonomous flying capability

XPENG X2 is equipped with an intelligent flight control system and superior autonomous flying capability. Thanks to floating middle display and two passenger displays, users have full visibility over X2's autonomous flight route planning, all-around real-time imaging, real-time flight monitoring, and autonomous return and landing.

Developed for safety 

Safety is the most important part of XPENG X2. The 5th generation of the flying car uses LiDar technology for environment mapping, making autonomous flying precise and safer. In addition, four independent battery packs power 8 independent propellers to maximize safety. In the rare case of power failure, users will land softly thanks to the parachute hidden in the airframe. 


XPENG 6th Generation of a Flying Car


Our 6th generation of the flying car is currently under development. It will differ from the fifth-generation product following the fundamental attributes of a car - to drive on any road and take off and land vertically.

We envision that the 6th generation will be easy to fly without undergoing professional flight training and easy to drive on public roads while fulfilling the highest safety standards. 

 About HT Aero

HT Aero aspires to be the leading pioneer of urban air mobility (UAM) and is dedicated to producing safe and intelligent electric flying vehicles which combine automotive and aerospace technologies to realize domestic air-travel usage at scale. Jointly funded and controlled by Mr. He Xiaopeng, XPeng Inc., and ZHAO Deli, HT Aero has a team of highly experienced R&D associates in multiple disciplines such as avionics, test flight, airworthiness, safety, structural mechanics, industrial design and embedded systems . Established in 2013, it has accumulated a total of 15,000 safe, manned flight experiences.

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