XPENG Publishes Inaugural Environmental, Social and Governance Report “AA” MSCI ESG Rating Tops Global Auto Peers

Guangzhou, China, October 15, 2021- XPeng Inc. (“XPENG” or the “Company”, NYSE: XPEV and HKEX: 9868), a leading Chinese intelligent  electric vehicle (“Smart EV”) company, announces the release of its inaugural Environmental, Social and Governance Report (the “ESG Report”), detailing the Company’s strategy and outstanding achievements in ESG performance.

XPENG has demonstrated their commitment to ESG by curating an innovative core concept of X-SEG (Smart, Efficient and Green) which is emphasized throughout all components of their business model, from supply chain management and green manufacturing, to product safety management, eco-friendly operations and governance.

XPENG’s leadership in ESG continues to be recognized globally. For the second consecutive year, XPENG received an “AA” rating from MSCI ESG Research, the highest MSCI ESG rating among automobile companies worldwide. Notably, MSCI ESG Research scored XPENG 10 in the Product Carbon Footprint category and 9.1 in Opportunities in Clean Tech, two of the most predominant areas that contribute to the ESG ratings. The industry averages in the same categories fall at 7 and 5.5, making XPENG’s rating exponentially higher than industry standard. Furthermore, as part of the scoring review, MSCI ESG Research highlighted XPENG’s financial and personnel commitment to advancing technology as a key driver in the Company’s ability to deliver long-term sustainability-focused innovation.

XPENG is pioneering the movement to make Smart EVs accessible to the masses whilst delivering quality and innovation that surpasses competitors. “Adherence to exemplary ESG standards in operations is integral to our core values and culture, impacting every decision we make,” said He Xiaopeng, Chairman & CEO of XPENG. “As a leader in the Smart EV industry and a global corporate citizen, we take our responsibility seriously by leading the way in modelling outstanding, integrated practices in ESG. Through our efforts we aim to be a positive force in the development of future mobility and the betterment of societies around the world.”

Additional achievements highlighted in the ESG Report include:

  • Significant progress on recycling and reducing emissions with innovative technologies
    • Compared with internal combustion engine vehicles, XPENG’s Smart EVs delivered reduced emissions in 2020 by approximately 5,520 tons of CO2
    • As of May 2021, XPENG achieved 100% recycling and reuse rate of recyclable solid waste
    • As of March 31, 2021, XPENG had 759 patents and 504 registered trademarks in China and other jurisdictions
  • Record level safety performance with superior product quality and technology
    • XPENG P7 became the first to receive the 5-Star rating from the Chinese i-VISTA intelligent vehicle testing platform
    • XPENG G3 and P7 received a 5-Star rating with scores of 92.2% and 89.4% respectively in the C-NCAP Crash and Safety Test
    • In 2020, XPENG reported no work-related fatalities or lost time due to work-place injuries
  • Continued commitment to fostering an open and inclusive culture to attract and retain talents
  • Contribution to disaster relief, poverty alleviation and subsidy of agriculture
  • Sound governance structure and protocols to ensure compliance at all levels of the Company

To view the 2020 ESG Report, please visit the ESG section of XPENG’s Investor Relations website by clicking here. The Report is available in English and Chinese.

For more information on MSCI ESG ratings, click here.


XPENG Motors is a leading tech company that designs, develops, manufactures, and markets intelligent electric vehicles, leading the shift into intelligence, people-first mobile, as we believe technology should be intelligent, useful and personal. We strive to transform everyday mobility into richer human experiences.

XPENG is committed to in-house R&D and intelligent manufacturing. Over 50% of more than 11,000 employees work in R&D-related areas. The Company’s EVs are manufactured at its plant. In order to optimize its customers’ mobility experience, XPENG develops its full-stack Advanced Driver Assistance System (XPILOT) technology and intelligent in-car operating system (Xmart OS), as well as core vehicle systems including powertrain and the electrification/electronic architecture. 

The XPENG P7 and G3 are available in the Norwegian market – as the first market in Europe. For more information, please visit XPENG GLOBAL: www.heyxpeng.com 


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XPENG exhibits full product range at IAA Mobility 2021 – including its flying car
The leading intelligent electric vehicle company will showcase its cutting-edge models with a virtual exhibition space and keynote speech during this year’s automotive festival XPENG’s smart, people-first mobility is about more than getting from A to B Munich, Germany – 2nd September 2021 – Leading intelligent electric vehicle company, XPENG, will unveil its full range of cutting-edge vehicles at a virtual exhibition booth at IAA Mobility 2021(7-12 September in Munich, Germany) including its most advanced innovation, the XPENG X2 aero car. XPENG will be exhibiting at the world-class European automobile exhibition for the first time, with its virtual booth showcasing its full product range of six vehicles. The exhibit will demonstrate XPENG’s industry-defining range of core technologies, in the heart of Europe’s automotive community. XPENG’s virtual exhibition area is available to visit here. This marks the start of XPENG’s emergence in Europe, with plans to launch across several markets in the coming months, and intelligent EVs already on sale in Norway. As well as hosting a virtual booth, XPENG will be delivering a keynote speech on 8th September at 4:30-5:00pm CET. The speech will outline the company’s vision of the future of automobility, the innovation of the intelligent technology embedded into its vehicles and more on the XPENG story so far. XPENG’s mission is to deliver smart people-first mobility solutions, creating vehicles that focus on the human experience as opposed to the hardware. Their cars are designed to adapt to their drivers, with cutting-edge intelligent software systems embedded into each model. The XPENG G3, the smart SUV, was launched in Norway in April 2020 and made available to customers from December 2020. At the beginning of July 2021, XPENG released its flagship model, P7, for pre-orders in Norway, with delivery starting in October 2021. More information on XPENG’s availability in Norway is here. XPENG’s proprietary technologies include XPILOT, its Advanced Driver Assistance System, and Xmart OS, its in-car intelligent operating system. These innovations give the driver a differentiated intelligent automotive experience, integrating continuously updated software that differentiates XPENG’s Smart EVs to the rest of the EV market. Through OTA (over-the-air) firmware, XPENG’s vehicles can be upgraded to introduce enhancements and the latest functionalities to the driver experience. Its intelligent “Hey, XPENG” voice assistant can interact with the driver and respond to various commands including opening and closing windows, starting GPS navigation to specific destinations, adjusting the AC, and controlling the music. Here is the full product range that will be exhibited at the event: XPENG X2: 5th Generation Flying Car This futuristic vehicle, in its pre-market stages, is the latest generation of flying cars, developed with HT Aero. The car has numerous high-tech attributes including radar ranging, sensory obstacle avoidance and a parachute. It measures 4.97 meters in length, 4.78 meters in width and 1.36 meters in height. Its arms can also be folded, making the body 4.79 meters long and 1.95 meters wide. The propeller diameter is about 1.83 meters. With full carbon fiber structure, the flying car weighs 560 kilograms and the maximum take-off weight is 760 kilograms. It is expected to be able to cruise at 130 kilometers per hour and have a range of 35 minutes at a height of 1000 meters. XPENG P7: Super Long Range Smart Sedan  P7 uses the dynamic visual design aesthetic and streamlined dynamic profile of the coupe body to set the direction for future style. XPENG jointly developed a platform-based chassis with a first-class German engineering team to endow P7 with a sports car pedigree. Based on SEPA, P7 is supported by the XPILOT 2.5 advanced driver assistance system and the ultra-convenient Xmart OS in-vehicle intelligent system, defining a new intelligent travel lifestyle. P7 received industry recognition from 3 major authoritative organizations in July 2021: five-star C-NCAP safety rating, five-star rating from China’s intelligent vehicle test platform i-VISTA, and NO.1 in the BEV category of J.D. Power’s China NEV-APEAL Study. XPENG P7 Wing Edition: Powerful Premium Sedan with Iconic Sport Design The new P7 Wing Edition is designed to maximize the sporty and dynamic style of the smart EV sedan with a pair of specially designed scissor-style front doors traditionally only available in sports cars.Equipped with 4WD, XPILOT 2.5, and an 18-speaker Dynaudio concert-hall style in-car sound system, the P7 Wing Edition brings extra exclusivity for its owners. Customers can personalize the opening angle of the doors which can be unlocked in multiple ways. Two radars are installed on the left and right sides, which automatically identify obstacles and control door movement during the opening process. XPENG G3i: Long Range Smart SUV    The G3i reinforces XPENG's focus on intelligence and allows users to enjoy a convenient, efficient, and stress-free urban mobility experience, including award-winning auto-parking.   XPENG G3: Long Range Smart SUV As XPENG's first mass-produced model, G3 was launched in 2018 in China. Since its launch, the Smart SUV has become one of the best-selling battery-powered SUVs in China's mid-to-high-end market for more than two years. In the first quarter of 2021, the G3 stood in first place in terms of insurance registration numbers among A-class battery powered SUVs in China.In terms of smartification, XPENG G3 has completed 15 major OTA firmware upgrades and added 55 new functions as of March 31, 2021 in China. The utilization rate of “Hey, XPENG” voice assistance exceeds 99%. G3 won the first place for i-VISTA automatic parking in 2020 in China, fully demonstrating user recognition of its evolving intelligence. XPENG P5: New Smart EV Sedan  XPENG's third new production model, and the world's first mass-produced LiDAR-equipped smart car in China, the P5 will offer sophisticated driver assist features powered by XPENG's in-house developed XPILOT 3.5 advanced driver assistance system, expanding the Navigation Guided Pilot features from highways and expressways to urban roads, traffic intersections and other complex city driving scenarios. The P5's rich infotainment ecosystem will elevate user interactivity to a new level, including cinema, lounge, sleeping and gaming modes. To stay updated on XPENG’s European operations and latest developments, follow: XPENG on Facebook XPENG on Instagram XPENG’s virtual exhibition area is available to visit here. The keynote speech will be held on 8th September at 4:30-5:00pm CET – B2B ticket holders can register to attend via the virtual platform. -Ends-   About XPENG XPENG Motors is a leading tech company that designs, develops, manufactures, and markets intelligent electric vehicles, leading the shift into intelligence, people-first mobile, as we believe technology should be intelligent, useful and personal. We strive to transform everyday mobility into richer human experiences. XPENG is committed to in-house R&D and intelligent manufacturing. Over 50% of more than 11,000 employees work in R&D-related areas. The Company’s EVs are manufactured at its plant. In order to optimize its customers’ mobility experience, XPENG develops its full-stack Advanced Driver Assistance System (XPILOT) technology and intelligent in-car operating system (Xmart OS), as well as core vehicle systems including powertrain and the electrification/electronic architecture. XPENG is headquartered in Guangzhou, China, and branched in Beijing, Shanghai, Silicon Valley, San Diego. in 2021, XPENG established its EU regional HQ in Netherlands, other offices have been founded in Germany, Norway, Sweden, Denmark successively. The XPENG P7 and G3 are available in the Norwegian market – as the first market in Europe. For more information, please visit XPENG GLOBAL: www.heyxpeng.com    Press Contact EU_Press@xiaopeng.com   Follow Us XPENG EU Facebook: Hey XPENG XPENG EU Instagram: hey.xpeng XPENG Youtube: Hey XPENG

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P7 Design Language
  Xpeng Design Language: The New P7’s Style of Pragmatism      It’s time to shed the EV industry’s boring stigma. It’s time for sexy e-cars. Designed to impress, XPENG cars exploit the latest tech to re-invent the EV industry, allowing you to experience the driving of tomorrow today.  The core essence of XPENG Motors is our focus on modern lifestyle. We aim to provide trendy and safely designed vehicles that will propel you to new high-mobility standards. Sporty. Sleek. Powerful. We are all of this and much (much) more.   A style to conquer them all: An e-mobile lifestyle When XPENG’s goal to lead a new generation of smart cars was first set in 2015, the dream was to explore smart innovation for the EV industry using advanced AI and connection technology. But what we really wanted was better options for all kinds of e-mobile lifestyles. And that’s how our signature style came together.                                   XPENG style and design had to respond to the many and multifaceted needs of the modern driver – who comes from all walks of life - while also staying true to our core values and making user centric, smart and easy-to-use wonderful cars. The requirements were clear, but the dream was big. The elegant silhouette was designed as a challenge: the pursuit of immediate impact leaving you begging for more. XPENG’s style is inspired by a crossover of mathematics and aesthetics. The silhouette is an ode to everything that is sporty and elegant in life. We balanced out every detail so that our forward thinking and technology-based approach would be recognizable from a long way away. The combination of a powerful computer system and advanced autonomous driving functions are simply to be expected with a silhouette as elegant and outdoorsy as ours. Our design is unique because it is luxurious.   XPENG P7’s dynamical aesthetics XPENG’s P7 has its own unique design language, a curved streamline that is futuristic, thoughtful, and vibrant – but design cannot be all about visual impact. We wanted to provide an immersive and interactive experience with multi-perceptual dimensions. The P7 is designed to let your mind flow from the outside to the inside, from machine to human. The sensual surfaces are never still and always vibrant. The pace for the P7’s design movement is a perfect balance of fast and slow. The sense of fluidity and dynamism is expressed in the contrasting forces of form and surface. The changing rhythms are revealed by the effects of light and shadow at play, that scatter rays of light across the elegant silhouette of the whole car. This movement does not ask to be organized and controlled it only asks for you to follow.   Made to ride. Leave everything else behind. The active front grille and refined rear design with flattened underbody grant the P7 an ultra-low drag coefficient.  The P7’s personality is urban, while also embodying the ability to perceive and interact with its surroundings. It can constantly evolve in exactly what you need, when you need it, wherever you are. The P7’s futuristic and highly technological look delivers on its promise once you step into the car. The ultra-low Cd reduces wind noise and increases stability while traveling. Performance is improved in every relevant aspect.      Nothing disturbs the electric bouncing of the eye from one curve to the next: frameless doors, concealed electric door handles, LED running lights. Nothing should get in your way while you ride, so we also took care of the road safety features for you. The self-sensing full LED headlamps provide high brightness with an almost daylight effect, widening your field of view. In addition, the dynamic and eye-catching running lights have such a visual impact that the causal passer-by won’t be able to miss you, ensuring your (and their) safety. Imagine yourself drive far. Imagine yourself drive fast.   Futuristic on the outside. Minimalist on the inside. You’ve seen it from the outside, now let’s look at it from the inside. The aggressive and vibrant stand of our Sedan-like model is balanced out by its interior. Although the sports car dynamism - echoed in the lowered bonnet and the fastback rear end - remains our focus, the P7’s interior is simpler and more harmonious. While the P7’s exterior design is an explosion of lights in motion, its interior is a landscape of natural fluidity like a brushstroke on a Chinese painting. The tension characterizing the dynamism of a Sedan-like design is soothed by its peaceful interiors.  While designing the P7, we wanted to meet all your needs, especially your desire for style alongside comfort and spaciousness. We designed the P7 as a sportscar that you can use every day. That is why we gave the P7 more space in its rear seats than the average sportscar. The absence of components like the electric sunblind contribute to the increased headroom. But the P7 is also a coupé with its panoramic glass sunroof.     Enjoy sunbathing in your car without worrying about ultraviolet and infrared light. The Low-E glass allows visible light to pass through while also protecting you like sunglasses. P7 design is deeply rooted in pragmatism.   P7 is sporty, safe and pragmatic The P7’s lightweight design plays with robotic and futuristic references to engage with the outside and make you stand out. The visual experience is layered and structured. But don’t let this design fool you. A long-range electric car is comfortable above all else. The high performance of this model satisfies the needs of your daily commute as well as long-distance travelling. No extra mileage anxiety, forget the inconvenience of frequent charging. Yes, we played and toyed with many things - lights, movement, shape - but not safety. The safety standard design of the P7 includes a comprehensive driver and passenger protection. Our main concern will always be you and your safety on the road. Energetic. Intelligent. Safe.   Who are we? Established in early 2015, XPENG Motors is now a leader in smart EV manufacturing and is a frontrunner in integrating advanced Internet and AI technology with car manufacturing. We strive to give our product a personality as well as the ability to perceive their surroundings and evolve. In our design process we consider not only aesthetics but also the resulting user experience. We know who we are, but who are you?

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P7 Audio Experience
   “This isn’t a car, it’s a moving concert hall”. An Inside Look at the Immense Sound System of the P7 .        Driving isn’t about the destination, it’s about the journey, and yours is about to change forever. For too long you’ve had to choose between comfort and performance, between style and substance. We’ve got news: with the new XPENG P7, those days are over. Now you can take the quality of a cinema sound system with you wherever you go. Sit back and enjoy the immersive audio technology of the P7. Step inside your new P7, featuring the Dynaudio theatre-grade audio system. It’s a vehicle’s answer to the best seat in the house, and it’s all yours to enjoy.   Our answer to your favourite sound system The modern world is all about performance, comfort, and convenience. Xpeng knows that. When you’re driving, your needs are multiple. Whether you have to join a meeting, get a news briefing, or relax to your favourite music, you should do it in comfort and style.     Quantity and quality: you can have it all. A regular car will try to meet your needs with 11 or 12 speakers, but why settle for less when you can have the best? The P7 features 18 of the best high-performance speakers on the market and a total of 7.1.2 channels of high quality. XPENG and Dynaudio are a natural partnership. Dynaudio’s vision is to enrich life through authentic audio, your car is part of your everyday life. The P7 is a beautiful yet practical everyday tool, Dynaudio is a beautiful yet practical way to enhance it. The speakers located throughout the car give the ultimate surround sound audio experience no matter where you are seated.  Two stylish lift speakers in the cockpit of the car.  Two overhead sky speakers. Two personal speakers in the driver’s headrest.   The partnership with Dynaudio delivers the highest quality equipment designed to fit perfectly in the curve of the human ear, to grant you control even when you’re on the go. The interconnected nature of your car and your home is only growing stronger. You deserve a music system that follows you between these essential zones, optimising comfort and convenience in your everyday life. A personal experience with no interference.  The P7 is putting more control in your hands – and that includes control over your sound system. No matter who you’re travelling with or what they like to listen to, you can enjoy your sound system your way. With the P7 driver’s private sound zone, you can finally all the joy of a live concert experience from the comfort of your vehicle, letting the goosebumps rise on your skin with the changes in tone and pitch of your music. The intelligent dynamic balancing technology behind the Dynaudio theatre-grade audio system ensures that your navigation, music, calls and podcasts can be played and switched as you please. And thanks to the intelligent dynamic balancing technology and sound effect control, you can enjoy your drive while your passengers enjoy the ride – zero disturbance, all comfort.      Sit back and relax to a theatre-quality sound. Each of the 18 speakers located throughout the car allow you to listen to your music with the same DTS technology used in famous films like Jurassic Park and Batman Returns. With the P7, you’re the star. Now is the time to enjoy an immersive driving experience like never before.   A speaker system as unique as you. Like you, the Dynaudio theatre-grade system isn’t tied down. While other sound systems have a fixed speaker placement or are tuned to specific channels, the P7 system is easily tuned to your environment.        Featuring iconic Dynaudio HiFi sound and DTS X-Sound, the P7 takes your home cinema and its surround sound capabilities onto the open road.   XPENG P7’s expert materials Just as our seats are only made of the finest leather, our speakers are only made of the most innovative polymers. To ensure a great level of audio excellence, Dynaudio and Xpeng have worked with only the best materials. The material of choice for our speakers? Magnesium-silicate-polymer (MSP). Stay light weight Ultra-dynamic Innovative Dynaudio uses an exclusive formula to provide you with consistently great sound quality. The subwoofer equipped on the P7 features unique internal geometry and a design optimised for smooth sound radiation. All you have to do is sit back and enjoy the ride.   Accurately shaped, expertly made. The acute accuracy with which MSP can be moulded mirrors the smooth handling of your P7. Each element is made with a single piece of perfectly formed material. MSP can be moulded to shape with maximum accuracy, making it the perfect material for the speakers in your P7 as it expertly controls sound dispersion and gives only the best experience. With the careful construction of the P7 Dynaudio system, you can be sure of immersive and invigorating entertainment channelled through high-tech materials with each mile you drive.   Behind the scenes of sound. With the P7, there’s no need to worry about the basics. Bringing you brand new entertainment technology doesn’t mean that the P7 neglects the physicality of its form or the function of a great car. While you enjoy a cinematic sound experience each time you drive, the chassis and suspension work silently behind the scenes for a safe and comfortable journey. Just as the centre-stage sound system is expertly tuned by Dynaudio engineers, the chassis of the P7 is professionally designed, tuned and developed by expert engineers for ultimate road noise reduction.     The P7 has done hundreds of thousands of kilometres to test its performance on every terrain type. Whether you’re… scaling mountains, crossing deserts or conquering snowfall vibration is always kept to a minimum. The P7’s two power absorbers optimise suspension and vibration transmission to give you the smooth ride characteristic of the luxury car experience that you deserve. Wherever you’re driving,your sound experience drives with you.   The future of comfort is yours The P7 is the ultimate next step in driving technology and cabin comfort. Finally, you can enjoy the intelligent and dynamic theatre-level sound experience of Dynaudio in your car, uninterrupted by the interference of the outside world. With intelligent dynamic equalisation technology that is perfectly tuned to the natural curve of the human ear and specifically designed to be adapt to an in-car environment, Xpeng and Dynaudio will ensure that no matter where you’re driving or who you’re taking along for the ride, you can enjoy great theatre-quality sound with each and every trip. Drive further in comfort:XPENG P7

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